Popularity of Tanzanite

Popularity of Tanzanite among celebrity

If it hasn’t reached the red carpet then it hasn’t made it far enough, and the tanzanite has. Tanzanite rings, earrings and necklaces make frequent appearances in celebrity jewel collections and there’s no doubt that this imperial blue…
victor velyan jewelry

Victor Velyan jewelry: the larger than life LA designer with a passion for metallurgy

Victor Velyan jewelry: Victor Velyan jewelry is for women who aren't afraid to make a statement. Take his jellyfish necklace, for example. The latest in a series of wild, often poisonous, animal jewels, this sea creature, with its iridescent…
victor velyan jewelry

Style 180! Selena Gomez Turns Into Jennifer Lopez!

Apparently Selena Gomez heard that Jennifer Lopez wants the "Come and Get It" singer to play her in a movie and she's already taken on the part! Yes, both the former Disney star and current "A.K.A" album promoter are triple threats with Latin…