15 Best Ideas to Select “Trillion”Tanzanite

Could we come up with 15 trillion ideas on ways to use a Tanzanite gemstone? Perhaps, but it would take awhile and we would rather you were out wearing the gemstone than sitting by your computer reading about it. So, let’s give insight on 15 “trillion” style Tanzanite rings.


(1) A Trillion is a triangle-shaped stonetrillion-tanzanite-solitaire

For example, look at the setting of this 1.25ct Trillion Tanzanite Solitaire Ring in 14k White Gold. It is internally flawless as it glows in its bluish-violet presence.

(2) Trillion Style is perfect if you seek shape & design which deviates from basic round gem settings.tanzanite-ring

This .90ct Trillion Shape Tanzanite Ring With .02ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold  presents a gorgeous trillion tanzanite of 0.800 carats clawed from all the 3 sides with gold; it looks even more stunning when studded with 4 round diamonds of 0.020 carats at one edge of the gemstone.

(3) What you see is what you get as a trillion cut stone will usually look larger.trillion-tanzanite-ring

Consider this .66ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .17ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold. A beautiful, charming ring made of trillion tanzanite of 0.600 carat enclosed with 33 diamonds of 0.170 carats.

(4) This blue variety of zoisite was named by Tiffany & Co.  For Tanzania, the country where it was found.white-gold

This .66ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .17ctw Diamonds 14k White Gold is a classic ring, giving a timeless feel, encrusted with 33 round diamonds.

(5) Tanzanite rings can be easily paired up with formal as well as informal attire due to their elegant appearance.


An extremely elegant ring, especially for those who prefer a simple and sophisticated look would be this .35ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .06ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold.

(6) The Tanzanite stone colors range from a very dark and intense blue to a very pale, almost baby blue color.

tanzanite-rings-for-saleThe twisted band on this 1.5ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .11ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold. Makes it look trendy and stunning.

(7)  Tanzanite is mined in only one place in the entire world, a 20 square mile area in Northern Tanzania, that makes it quite rare.

tanzanite-rings-amazonTake a moment to look at this 1.5ct Trillion shape Tanzanite Ring With .07ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold.  The blue aura of tanzanite when blended with subtle shine of gold makes it look extremely divine and artistic.

(8) Henry Platt, former president of Tiffany & Co., described tanzanite’s discovery in 1967 as THE most important gemstone find in 2000 years!

tanzanite-wedding-ringsMost of the rings pictured and commented upon are for the ladies, but this is most suitable for the men’s. 2.25ct Trillion Tanzanite Men’s Ring With .7ctw Diamonds in 14K White Gold. There are 42 diamonds.

(9) Tanzanite has been worn by Hollywood stars such as Cate Blanchett and royalty sch as Princess Kate


This ring can be paired up easily with any formal as well informal attire. You don’t have to count them but this 1.75ct Trillion Shape Tanzanite Ring With .27ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold has 59 diamonds.

(10) Tanzanite crystal, one of the most sought after and valuable stones in the metaphysical world, is associated with powers of spirituality and connecting with your inner psychic powers


What can you say about this .35ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .06ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold?  A plain ring, it consists of a trillion tanzanite of 0.350 carat and looks amazing with graceful formal attire.

(11)  Due to the exclusivity and rarity of the tanzanite gem, tanzanite rings have gained tremendous reverence and demand even over previously popular gemstones like the diamond

tanzanite-rings-pricesThe cuts and corners of this 1ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .31ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold. are so well finished that it seems extremely flawless when adorned on the delicate finger of a stay at home mom or a corporate CEO.

(12) Tanzanite is a December birthstonetanzanite-rings-white-gold

Just look at the blue/violet coloring, the 30 diamonds,  and you can tell that this .35ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .24ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold would goes well with formal as well as informal attire.

(13) Tanzanite has a hardness of 6.0-7.0 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.


Without a doubt this .35ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .24ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold will fit in easily with any occasion and any attire.  30 diamonds set into the ring add to that allure.

(14) The safest way to clean tanzanite jewelry is to use warm, sudsy water and a tightly woven microfiber or other soft cloth.tanzanite-engagement-rings-rose-goldLooking at this .35ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .24ctw Diamonds in 14k Rose Gold? This ring is a must have accessory for every female’s wardrobe as it can fit in well with every occasion.

 (15) Tilt tanzanite and you’ll see three distinct colors in three crystal directions.

tanzanite-stonesThis stylish 2 ct Trillion Tanzanite Ring With .11ctw Diamonds in 925 Sterling Silver could be the right choice for those who like to remain in vogue. The twisted band made of 925 Sterling Silver studded with a trillion tanzanite of almost 2 carat looks stunning.

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No Matter the Trend, Tanzanite Is Always in Style


Fashion trends come and go; the trick is to make these trends bend to your needs and personal jewelry preferences. If the style-setter for the season is, for example, one set of variations on pearl necklaces, well then you are limited. Luckily for Tanzanite enthusiasts, the 2016 Fall/Winter season offers a trend called “pile-on rings” (“stacking” from previous years) and we have tickled pink— or rather Tanzanite blue— that it is available.


It is so simple, yet elegant. Gently nestle your Tanzanite wedding ring between interchangeable yellow gold, silver gold or rose gold bands.

Accessorize your day wear and evening wear by mixing and matching rings!

For example, besides wearing it solo, you could then align this .68ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With .14ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold with two silver or gold band rings and your power black pantsuit for a business lunch on Monday.


Or select this .22ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With .02ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold to be book-ended by your choice of yellow, white or rose gold bands (or even boldly one of each) for a dressier blouse & skirt casual dinner on Wednesday night.


The option also exists to be very creative with your presentation by substituting for the outer bands, with real rings containing, for example, smaller ruby or emerald gemstones. But in doing so, position them so as they aren’t in a vertical line.

Tanzanite, as many acquainted with this rare gemstone know, ranges from blue to bluish purple to bluish violet depending on the cut and setting placement. That makes it highly desirable & flexible for use in wedding & engagement rings, as well as pendants and earrings.

Tanzanite is a rare gem. All of the known deposits are confined to a few square miles of land in northern Tanzania where it was discovered in the early 1960’s. The sought-after blue coloring, along with its rarity makes for an attractive investment in jewelry.


But you don’t want to keep your Tanzanite locked away. It is too beautiful for that. On the other hand, you don’t want to over-flaunt it. “Stacking” allows for the most frequent use of your Tanzanite gemstone by way of a changing landscape on your finger, created by the alignment of the other two bands.

Tanzanite is indeed quite the versatile gem.

Working with your personal collection of rings and bands, you can keep your love for the beauty of Tanzanite always on display, season after season, no matter what is in fashion.

Tanzanite Emerald cut Ring in White Gold

Tanzanite Emerald cut Ring in White Gold

Tanzanite Emerald cut Ring in White Gold

This magnificent Tanzanite Emerald Cut Ring consists of an Emerald cut Tanzanite of around 1.10 carats enclosed with 25 diamonds, some encrusted on the band made of white gold. Ring looks extremely royal with a grand emerald cut Tanzanite of around 1.950 carats studded with almost 22 diamonds of 0.200 carats.

Tanzanite Emerald cut Ring in White Gold could be the perfect gift to your beloved if she prefers stylish and trendy accessories. Purchase It with Offer Price.
This Emerald Tanzanite Ring can be the perfect choice for the engagement ceremony to the brides who likes to stay in vogue.The design of the Ring is timeless and can go along well with any theme of the wedding. You can go along well with any theme of the wedding.

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Trillion Tanzanite Ring Yellow Gold

Trillion Tanzanite Ring Yellow Gold

Trillion Tanzanite Ring Yellow Gold

Trillion Tanzanite Ring in 14k yellow Gold with 1.00 TCW in Wide choice of Tanzanite adornments at remarkable expenses.
Skim our own great as well as building inventory regarding wonderful Trillion cut Shaped Tanzanite Stone Jewel along with other Trillion carved Tanzanite Engagement ring in 14K Yellow gold.Browse our large and growing inventory of beautiful Tanzanite Trillion cut Shaped Stone and other Trillion shaped Tanzanite Ring in 14k yellow Gold.
An extremely elegant Trillion Tanzanite Ring in Yellow gold specially for your individuals who tend when it comes to simple as well as current search just about everywhere.It’s an elegant Piece in Trillion Tanzanite Ring Yellow Gold Products Series. It runs well together with official as well as informal clothing.
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