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Four years when winning the well-rounded gold at the 2012 London Olympiad, Gabby Douglas overcame nerves and another fall from the gymnastic apparatus to battle her approach onto the five-woman U.S. Olympic sports team that was named Sunday night.

Gabby Douglas makes U.S. gymnastics team after a shaky performance at trials.

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Gabby Douglas Medals

Douglas had jeopardized her possibilities of constructing a second consecutive Summer Games with a solid performance Friday, the primary of the two days that frame U.S. Olympic trials. A tumble from the gymnastic apparatus left her in seventh place among the fourteen ladies vying for a spot in the city.

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Douglas finished the Olympic trials an undistinguished seventh failing to improve on the spot she held Friday.

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Douglas took a deep breath before fielding reporters questions after the team was named following a closed-door discussion.

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Two-time Olympian in the balance, her mother, Natalie Hawkins, told her youngest daughter not to try molding herself to anyone else’s expectations.