Trendy Halloween Engagement Rings Ideas


Are you one of the people that love Halloween? Do you enjoy the spirit of the holiday so much that you want your precious sparkler to be occasion Halloween? Here We are sharing top trendy Halloween engagement rings ideas.


We have gotten a few Tanzanite rings together that have a tasteful amount of Halloween Jewelry and beauty to get your engine turning!


This engagement ring has a festive flare to it. The tanzanite signifies a middle-aged gothic appearance which can be spooky yet beautiful all at the same time. The tanzanite is oval shaped and is set in a diamond halo mounting. There is two pear shaped diamond accent stones to enhance the ring altogether.

Trendy Halloween Rings 2016

1ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With .4ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold Ring we stumbled upon on Etsy is perfect for the holiday full of a scare! We think there is something about the color purple that reminds us of Halloween. It is unique enough where your ring would be quite the talk of the town, but it is pretty enough to be considered a great engagement ring! We rate this Halloween awesome!

Halloween Rings Idea

This ring is probably our favorite. Why? Because that center stone is a gemstone! It is a surrounding of diamonds! This magnificent ring looks extremely glorious with diamonds, really This ring is sold at Top Tanzanite. The great thing about this ring is the dark blue is one of the most festive Halloween colors so  that vibe from this ring, but also it is so affordable! The ring is on sale for less than $2k right now!