Your Ring is Perfect Jewels to Express Love

Rings are most certainly the perfect jewels to express love – both as a symbol on your own finger as well as one you give to the one you love most in the world. It doesn’t always have to be the girl you want to spend the rest of your life with – there is nothing more special than buying your mother or sibling a stunning ring to express your undying love for them.

Tanzanite Ring

The origin of a ring itself is proof of its perfection. From five thousand years ago, dating back as far as the Egyptian civilization, rings were made of grass as the symbol for eternity – a circle being something with no beginning or end. The central hole was looked at as an opening to a new world or life with things known and unknown.

Even though it has been disproved by sentiments, wedding rings and engagement rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand as it was believed that a vein from this finger went to the heart – the vein of love. It may not be anatomically true but it’s the thought that counts right?

tanzanite wedding ring

A ring is also the one piece of jewelry which is kept on most of the time – especially engagement rings or wedding rings. If it is picked right and suits your personality then there is very little need to take it off.

You can add an extra level of personalization by adding that perfect engraving of a line from a poem, a quote or even an inside joke that both of you share – every time she looks down at the ring it’ll bring a smile to her face!

Symbolism is not only in the band but in the gemstone too. Each gem has its own meaning and significance which makes the ring say so much more. Diamonds are forever and represent pure and perpetual love, garnets are for new beginnings and getting through hard times, emerald and peridots are for friendship and loyalty, Tanzanite rings are for balance and compassion and last but not the least moonstone and rubies are for passion and deep love. These are just a few of the gems out there, and much like choosing a card for a loved one’s birthday, each stone says something special and unique.

Imagine the beauty and significance of a ring that symbolizes eternity, has a stone with an underlying meaning paired with an engraving that you share with only that person; you could literally not go wrong!

celebrity wearing ring

Latest trends have seen the advent of rings for occasions besides engagements and weddings – promise rings and push rings being examples of the same. Shown off time and again on the red carpet push rings are a gift from a man to his baby-mother as an expression of love, gratification and loyalty for having given birth to their beautiful child. Queen Bey wears one with a large Tanzanite rock and there’s no doubt that you too can own the tradition and make the birth of a child a moment of even more joy!

So come on ladies and gentlemen, don’t hesitate to express your true passion and compassion for your loved ones with a special ring, nothing says ‘I love you forever’ like these do!

Complete Jewelry Set

A Complete Jewelry Set

The Jewelry is often used for decoration and it is made up of any piece of material. It can be made out of almost every substance known to man and is made to decorate almost all body parts. Jewelry includes but is not limited to: hairpins, belly button rings, toe jewels, regal tiaras, diamond ornaments, pendants, earrings, bracelets and necklaces. While lots of high-class ornaments are made up from gemstones like tanzanite, diamonds, sapphires and metals like platinum and titanium, the cheaper costume jewelry or fashion jewelry is manufactured from base metals and less valuable materials.

Fashion Jewelry Sets

A Complete fashion jewelry set is normally comprised of a Rings, Pendants, Studs, Necklace and a pair of earrings. Bracelets can also be a piece in a jewelry set.

1) Necklace

A necklace can be a gold, silver, metallic or another other material in a round or oval shape to be worn around a person’s neck. When you chose a necklace, be sure that it is strong and appropriately sized so it does not wear out early. Always go in for a necklace with suits your style.

evil eye celebs

2) Earrings

Earrings come in many designs, shapes and sizes. Earrings in a set are meant to match the design and style of the centerpiece necklace. Pick the earring set that works with your own style. Earrings in a jewelry set are often used without the necklace and can be suitable at job interview or a wedding. One of the latest earring designs is the Thread Earrings or String Earrings. Thread Earrings are handmade around the world and mostly in Peru.

14k Yellow Gold Tanzanite Earring

3) Bracelets

Bracelets can be a piece of a jewelry sets and are often used outside the set. A classic bangle bracelet can be a perfect accessory to a jewelry set.

1.85 carat oval bracelet

4) Pendants

Pendants come in many designs, shapes and sizes. When you chose a Pendants, be sure that it is strong and appropriately sized so it does not wear out early. Always go in for a necklace with suits your style.

oval pendant

A Pendants, Necklace, Studs, pair of Earrings and sometimes a Bracelet often comprises a Jewelry Set.

Types of Jewelry Sets

Pearl jewelry sets – A Pearl jewelry set is made up of a pearl necklace and pearl earrings. Pearl jewelry are often expensive.

Bridal jewelry sets – Bridal jewelry sets are usually based on conventional styles. Gold jewelry sets are often used at wedding. The right bridal jewelry sets can be a perfect complement to a bride’s ensemble, while always keeping in mind that your individual style and budge is most important.


Popularity of Tanzanite

Popularity of Tanzanite among celebrity

If it hasn’t reached the red carpet then it hasn’t made it far enough, and the tanzanite has. Tanzanite rings, earrings and necklaces make frequent appearances in celebrity jewel collections and there’s no doubt that this imperial blue sparkling gem has established itself in the world of Hollywood and beyond. In this article you will find the popularity of tanzanite.

The traditional vanilla ice diamond solitaires have been replaced by the seductive cobalt hue tanzanite solitaire rings like the one Terri Hatcher brought into the lime light. The ring is a large emerald cut tanzanite gem set in four prongs. Furthermore, she has taken the solitaire setting further by adding to it a pave of diamonds on the white metal band. For a designer diamonds and tanzanite are the best of friends – the way the grey accentuates the blue and vice versa is just what a statement ring needs!

Another gorgeous combination of tanzanite and diamonds was worn by Natascha McElhone. This actress who has been a part of a number of feature films and television shows wears a halo setting tanzanite solitaire ring. The central solitaire is rimmed with a gorgeous ring of small diamonds which set off the blue, the whole thing set in white gold.

Tanzanite has not only entered the general and tanzanite wedding ring sections of jewelry, but also the latest category of ‘push’ rings – one that is given to the mother of your child while she is expecting. Queen Bey was given a large sparkling blue tanzanite ring with an unusual tint – electric blue instead of the standard cobalt – priced at $35,000. The blue stone is not only gorgeous but its sentimental value is in connection with the birth of their beautiful baby daughter Blue Ivy. Much like that of Natascha McElhone this ring too is halo set, but instead of a ring of diamonds the heavy cushion cut tanzanite in the middle is rimmed by smaller micro cut tanzanites which increases the intensity of the blue as well as the bling!

celebrity wearing tanzanite ring

Another example of a tanzanite ring adorned by a celebrity is Karina Smirnoff’s tanzanite solitaire one. The ring has a large tanzanite solitaire, cushion cut and paved with a halo of diamonds – yes people, the diamond halo is really popular – and set in white gold to avoid any distraction from the gems themselves. Though many tanzanite-diamond halo rings exist both generally and on the red carpet, this specific one’s claim to fame is that it has been designed by Simon G.

Wedding and engagement rings set with tanzanite? There’s always Kate Middleton’s deep blue tanzanite solitaire. In contrast to Beyonce’s electric blue Middleton wears one that is heavily saturated – almost violet. The rave of tanzanite’s set in engagement rings is owned by this actress as she too shows off her tanzanite solitaire with a halo of diamonds for added sparkle.

celebrity wearing tanzanite

Last but definitely not the least we have Damon Dash who steals some of the spotlight off from the girls and is seen flashing his own brilliant blue rock. All the attention is on the stone in this one – a huge rectangular cut tanzanite gemstone is held by a four pronged setting onto a metal band so simple that it is rendered almost invisible by the blue.

3.60 carat oval bracelet



what to know about tanzanite

Know More About Tanzanite

What to know about Tanzanite,  if you are planning to buy jewelry made up of the Tanzanite gemstone than you must know some facts about Tanzanite. There are few questions with answers that will surely help you to build your knowledge over Tanzanite.

Trillion Tanzanite Stone

What is Tanzanite?
Tanzanite is a type of gemstone which is a crystalline gemstone variety of the mineral zoisite, which is a relatively abundant mineral.

Where does Tanzanite come from?
Tanzanite is found in only one place in the whole world, Tanzania, which is in the foothills of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

How rare is Tanzanite?
Tanzanite can only be found in a 4 kilometer square area and that the top quality colors and sizes are becoming harder and harder to extract from the ground it is already very rare and becoming rarer. It is a fact – Tanzanite is considered to be a thousand times rarer than Diamonds.

Is Tanzanite a precious gem?
Tanzanite have all three – durability, beauty and rarity which makes it precious.

What is the Tanzanite Gemstones color range?
Tanzanite gemstones vary in color from rich velvety blue to an exotic violet. Tanzanite is classified as violetish blue denoting that the color is predominantly blue over violet or ‘bluish-violet’ denoting that the color is more violet over blue.



How important is Tanzanite’s saturation?
It is considered as the more saturated the color is in Tanzanite, the more valuable and rare the tanzanite gemstones. It is assumed as less than 1% of all tanzanite falls into the rare intense AAA.

What is the composition or hardness of Tanzanite?
Tanzanite is a hydrous Calcium-Aluminum Silicate with a hardness of 6.5 to 7 on the Mohs scale.

How popular is Tanzanite?
The blue gemstones are generally the World’s most highly favored with tanzanite, this is all the more true because of the stones extraordinary color – at its best, a rich velvety blue with a hint of violet, reminiscent of rare Kashmir sapphires.

Is it safe to buy Tanzanite online?
Shopping for tanzanite online is safe if you follow some guidelines and always check the terms and conditions of offers. Make sure you have a 100% money back guarantee if for any reason you are not satisfied with tour product. Use a reputable and honest online Tanzanite dealer like TopTanzanite or eTanzaniteshop that protects the buyer with guarantees.
How do I value tanzanite?
Tanzanite is graded according to the 4 C’s, which is much like diamonds Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.

Does Tanzanite’s value is lessen by enhancement of heat ?
All tanzanite is assumed to have been heated to relatively low temperatures so it does not have more effect on Tanzanite’s value.

How is Tanzanite graded?
Tanzanite is graded in independent gemological grading laboratories. The top grade of Tanzanite is “Intense Violetish Blue”.

Is Tanzanite is a birthstone?
Tanzanite is considered as the birthstone of the December. Although it is considered as the lucky stone for all the wearer who wear it.

oval pendant

So, if you are planning to buy Tanzanite stone. Go ahead, you are on right path. You are choosing right gemstone. I hope these questions help you to find out the best.