Tanzanite Trends

No Matter the Trend, Tanzanite Is Always in Style


Fashion trends come and go; the trick is to make these trends bend to your needs and personal jewelry preferences. If the style-setter for the season is, for example, one set of variations on pearl necklaces, well then you are limited. Luckily for Tanzanite enthusiasts, the 2016 Fall/Winter season offers a trend called “pile-on rings” (“stacking” from previous years) and we have tickled pink— or rather Tanzanite blue— that it is available.


It is so simple, yet elegant. Gently nestle your Tanzanite wedding ring between interchangeable yellow gold, silver gold or rose gold bands.

Accessorize your day wear and evening wear by mixing and matching rings!

For example, besides wearing it solo, you could then align this .68ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With .14ctw Diamonds in 14k Yellow Gold with two silver or gold band rings and your power black pantsuit for a business lunch on Monday.


Or select this .22ct Oval Tanzanite Ring With .02ctw Diamonds in 14k White Gold to be book-ended by your choice of yellow, white or rose gold bands (or even boldly one of each) for a dressier blouse & skirt casual dinner on Wednesday night.


The option also exists to be very creative with your presentation by substituting for the outer bands, with real rings containing, for example, smaller ruby or emerald gemstones. But in doing so, position them so as they aren’t in a vertical line.

Tanzanite, as many acquainted with this rare gemstone know, ranges from blue to bluish purple to bluish violet depending on the cut and setting placement. That makes it highly desirable & flexible for use in wedding & engagement rings, as well as pendants and earrings.

Tanzanite is a rare gem. All of the known deposits are confined to a few square miles of land in northern Tanzania where it was discovered in the early 1960’s. The sought-after blue coloring, along with its rarity makes for an attractive investment in jewelry.


But you don’t want to keep your Tanzanite locked away. It is too beautiful for that. On the other hand, you don’t want to over-flaunt it. “Stacking” allows for the most frequent use of your Tanzanite gemstone by way of a changing landscape on your finger, created by the alignment of the other two bands.

Tanzanite is indeed quite the versatile gem.

Working with your personal collection of rings and bands, you can keep your love for the beauty of Tanzanite always on display, season after season, no matter what is in fashion.