Celebrities Top Favorite Tanzanite Rings

Celebrities Top Favorite Tanzanite Rings

Celebrities Top Favorite Tanzanite Rings :

Tanzanite is a red carpet favorite and this celebrity spotting has only given its sales and popularity a boost. If you have the slightest doubt about the value and glamour of this gorgeous blue semi-precious gem then ask Lilly Colin or Terri Hatcher and I’m sure they will vouch for it!
tanzanite stone
It started with tanzanite earrings, but the trend has moved swiftly towards massive stoned tanzanite rings. Sparkling ice diamonds have been replaced by colored gems for the bling needed in Hollywood, so what are the rest of you waiting for? If it is good enough for Lindsay Price and Damon Dash then it is certainly a good idea to add one to your jewel wardrobe.

Terri Hatcher kicked off the trend with her four pronged tanzanite ring. A large tanzanite solitaire set in white metal has made its fashion statement and brought this desperate housewife star back in to the limelight of being a celebrity jeweler ! The huge emerald cut blue rock is accentuated by diamonds paving the metal band.

Feature film and television actressNataschaMcElhoneshowed off her tanzanite ring – a solitaire rimmed by a halo of diamonds set in white metal.

Producer and actor Damon Dash gave the glamour girls competition for the best jeweled celebrity guy flashing his own tanzanite ring. A rectangular fine cut tanzanite set in white metal. The simple four pronged setting centers the attention to just the gorgeous blue stone, rendering the metal almost invisible.
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The latest in gifting is the push ring – a ring you buy for the mother of your child-to-be while she is expecting. You guessed right, tanzanites have entered this sector of jewelry as well. Rapper Jay-Z bought his wife Queen Bey an extravagant bright blue tanzanite ring worth $35,000 in honor of her giving birth to their beautiful baby girl Blue Ivy. Unlike the tradition deep blue-purple tanzanites Jay-Z chose an electric blue hue, giving it an extra burst of color and sparkle. Not only that, but the tanzanite cushion cut ring is rimmed with a halo of micro cut tanzanites.

Tanzanite engagement rings are the rave as well – look at the alluring blue rock on Kate Middleton’s finger! This birthstone of December is worn by her with all the elegance in the world. The central tanzanite has a halo of round cut diamonds to accentuate the intensely saturated blue. Unlike Beyonce’s electric blue tanzanite, Kate’s engagement ring is the deepest shade of cobalt with a tinge of violet.
Karina Smirnoff too had been spotted time and again with a tanzanite ring on her finger. This white gold ring is studded with a cushion cut tanzanite solitaire with a gorgeous paved halo of clear cut diamonds. Designed by Simon G, she has been photographed time and again with this beauty.

Be its tanzanite cushion cut rings or trillion tanzanite rings which are unique and out of the box, or the run of the mill round and oval cut tanzanites set on metal bands with prongs, tanzanite rings are definitely in vogue.