Important Facts About Tanzanite

Important Facts About Tanzanite Rings

Important Facts About Tanzanite Rings

If you planning for engagement or marriage and confused about selecting a perfect ring for the occasion, need not to be worry.We will provide you the important Facts About Tanzanite Rings & useful information regarding tanzanite gemstone in selecting a right one which suits your personality.

Here are the few things about the tanzanite gemstone that you need to know before you make a decision regarding your ring with tanzanite, the reasons to buy a stunning Tanzanite can be many such as rarity, uniqueness, color, as a birthstone and spiritual and healing properties which is discussed below.

Tanzanite Ring

History – Tanzanite, a recent addition to the world of gemstone is said to have been discovered in the year 1967 in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro near Arusha city, in Northern Tanzania, East Africa. It was first mistaken to be a blue Sapphire, but later considered as the properties of Tanzanite are more complex than Sapphire and also the color is more exotic and vibrant.

The popularity of Tanzanite Ring has increased considerably over the years. It was named the 2nd favorite colored gemstone in USA after Sapphire, in the year 2001.Tanzanite was included in the list of official Birthstones in 2002 which helps in owning to its rising popularity. It made its place as the birthstone for December along with Turquoise and Zircon. You can find a wide range in both the quality and size of stones.

1 carat heart shape tanzanite ring in white gold


Top Reasons to Buy Tanzanite Ring –

Rare – It is found at only one place in the world which is its rarity facts.

Unique – The luster and beauty of Tanzanite is one of a kind in its categories.

Young Gemstone – Tanzanite is a relatively new stone in the gem world, discovered in 1967.

Stunning Jewelry – You can find accessories ranging from rings and earrings to necklaces and pendants with this scintillation stone, Tanzanite rings are also becoming widely popular as engagement and wedding bands owing to its uniqueness and rarity.

Royal stone – The stone made rings is very rich in looks and appearance.

Spiritual and Healing Properties – People dealing with regular stress can be benefitted with this stone made ring as it is helps to slow down and relax.

Birthstone – Those who are born in December enjoy the luxury of having Tanzanite as their Birthstone.

0.22 tcw oval tanzanite ring in 14k white gold

Tanzanite Ring has become one of the most envy precious gemstone in a very short duration of time. It is very exclusive and precious as it is found only at one place in the world. Its velvety appearance and deep colors have attracted millions across the globe. Tanzanite’s specific features has made it highly popular among the young generation in rings categories. The AAA and AAAA quality stones made rings are rare and very expensive but very rich in its quality.